State of The Gallery 2014

Hey all!

It’s rare that we do an official “update”, and thought that these few days off would be a good time to do so. We’re in Orlando right now staying with one of my (Ryan) best friends from high school and it’s been a great break from the “polar vortex” that seems to be following us. Before I start this brief update I want to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has had us over to stay on this tour, or any tour in the past for that matter. We couldn’t do it without you all. Thank you!

What We’re Up To: Brendan, Ben, Dave, and I have been on the road for about three weeks now and have been having a great time seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and hanging out & playing music. Last year was a good and busy one, and this year is shaping up to be pretty busy as well. We did a solid 10 dates with a great band called Night Riots. Definitely check them out. Great guys, great music, and we had a lot of fun hanging out at the shows with them. Now we’ve headed to Florida, and will be trekking right back into the thick of winter after that. By the time April rolls around we’ll have already been on the road for 8 weeks this year. We’ve said since we started the band that we would keep working until the opportunities stopped presenting themselves, or if it stopped being fun. It’s definitely taken time, but things feel like they’re moving in the right direction, and we are enjoying writing and playing music more than ever. We definitely miss our buddy Shea, but have been excited about our new friend and guitarist. The last couple years with Ben on guitar have been reinvigorating and we’re happy to have him on board.

We’ve been trying to hit everywhere in the U.S. but, it being such a large country, it will probably take another tour or two in the spring to get everywhere we want to go. The south and midwest have been good to us on this tour! We’ve met a ton of new people, many who will be setting sail out on Sixthman Record’s The Rock Boat next week out of Miami, FL. Everyone has been so cool, and we can’t wait to hang out for a week, play some gigs on the boat, and watch some of our favorite bands like Collective Soul, Sister Hazel, Will Hoge, etc.

New Music: When we get back to LA in March we plan on finishing up some new songs that we’ve been working on, and releasing them soon after. We never want to wait too long for new tunes, and seeing as we’re taking the DIY route right now, we figured ‘why wait for a full album? Let’s make some new music. Just not a ton of it, cause, well that’s expensive’. So, we’re excited about that, and we’re already excited about heading to the parts of the country we have yet to visit with this new record.

Today, we’re off to St. Petersburg, FL to play Whig Fest with some cool bands. We play at 11p but it’s a holiday tomorrow so if you’re in the area come hang out! Time to hit the road…

Hope this finds everyone well, and thank you thank you thank you for keeping up with us. Looking forward to making more music, and seeing you on the road this year.

Much love,

Ryan and the guys

New Video // Fast Friends live and & behind the scenes footage

We’re excited to share this video with you all! Thanks to Mike Danenberg for the footage, and for putting together this video. It uncludes behind the scenes and live footage from our show last weekend 11/22/13 at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. Enjoy!

House of Blues // 11/22/13 // Thank You L.A.!

Thanks to everyone who came out and made it a great night at the House of Blues last night! Looking forward to doing it again soon. Here are a few of our favorite photos from the night. We will post an album with more shots soon on our Special thanks to Mike Danenberg for the photos.

Crowd Shot with Dave and Brendan

Crowd Shot with Dave and Brendan


FREE show // House of Blues Hollywood // November 22

The Gallery // House of Blues Sunset Blvd // November 22 // 7:30 // FREE

Hey all! We’re excited about this one…

Our next show will be at one of our favorite venues in the country…the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, CA. We played our first show of the Restless Tour here, and it was one of the best of the summer! This time we’ll be sharing the bill with our good friend Ben Dukes, so let’s make this one even better! One way to assure you of that, is that the show is FREE! If you would like tickets please let us know at …here are all of the details:

Who: The Gallery and Ben Dukes (and more) Live.
What: A concert
When: Friday Nov. 22 at 7:30 (Ben Dukes: 8:00 // The Gallery: 9:40)
Where: House of Blues on Sunset Blvd.
How: Send an email to with your name and all names of those who would like to attend. We will have tickets for you at venue the day of the show.
Why: For a good time…for free.
November 22, 2013 House of Blues Los Angeles

November 22, 2013 House of Blues Los Angeles

Fall show at The Troubadour

Hello folks! Happy Autumn to ya! Hope your weather is getting crisp!

We have a show coming up at one of our favorite venues with a band we’ve listened to for years. It’s gonna be a good one. Come have a fun Fall show with us. Details below.

The Gallery at The Troubadour

Post-tour update

New band calendar...home made.

New band calendar…home made.

Well, tour was great…and it is good to be home! We couldn’t have asked for a better two months on the road. Met so many great people around the country, loved every show, and we can’t wait to do it again. So, now that we’re back…here’s a bit about what we’re up to. Along with the new website format, we put together a little calendar today. Pretty crafty for us. Part of its purpose is to keep us on track with updating you all during this post-tour phase (which will most likely include some more touring). We’re looking forward to showing everyone some bits of what we’re working on with the new songs in the video blog updates…we’ll be updating this website often, and you’ll be able to track them by the little icons in the upper corner of each post, based on the type of post. If you happen to like pictures, look for the camera icon, etc. ALright, back to filling out this calendar…hope everyone is doing well!

Ryan and the guys

Restless album release announcement!

Restless album cover artwork
1. White Noise Town
2. Young & Restless
3. Fast Friends
4. Restless Soul
5. Wild at Heart
6. The Fever
7. The Runaround
8. Ballroom of Broken Hearts
9. Lost Inside Forever
10. Catalyst
11. Hard On Me
12. Dream Girl

Hey everyone, the pre-order page for our new record Restless is now up and running at
We will have a song stream for you later this week.

Thanks for all your support! Can’t wait to release this for everyone!

the guys

Friday’s in December & wrapping up the record

How’s it going everyone?

I hope that you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving break, and had a chance to see family, etc. We spent the day with the band, and a bunch of great friends we’ve made out here in L.A. over the last 10 months. We always miss spending it with our families, but are very thankful for the great people we’ve been surrounded with.

SO. Today will most likely be our last official day of tracking the record…which means that we’re getting very close to the release. We stil have a lot to do before it’s all said and done, but once the songs are ready, we don’t want to waste too much time before we can share it with everyone. Brendan is finishing up vocals today, then we will go back and put the finishing touches in, including my personal favorite…some good ole tambourine.

Now that the songs are close to being complete, we want to give you a taste of a few of them leading up to our east coast shows in NYC and Northampton, MA. We will be releasing a video every Friday in December (7th, 14th, 21st) leading up to the show in our home area in western MA. Each video will be different, and we may even put a full new song in one of them, so be sure to check back every Friday morning for a good look into the studio and the songs!

Harmony Studios

Thank you all so much for the support throughout this process. So many people have helped us fund this record, and have passed along their love for the music, which really encourages us to keep doing what we’re doing, and to make the best record we can. Don’t forget to check back next Friday the 7th for the first video, where we’ll talk about a few of the new songs and more likely than not, give you a taste of a few tracks.

Time to walk over to the studio in the extremely rare Los Angeles “rain”.

We love you all,

Ryan and the guys

The Studio & Where We’ve Been

Hey everyone,

This has probably been pretty clear, but we’ve had a bit of a break from the studio. We aren’t always the best at updating when there aren’t too too many thrilling things going on, and for that I apologize. Because of the need for us to work a bit while in the studio, and our producer working on other albums (check out Aerosmith’s Music From Another Dimension- you won’t regret it), there have been a few scheduling conflicts. Nevertheless, we are back in the studio this week, and will be updating often until the new year, before which we hope to have this thing finished.

As we get closer to releasing a new album, the excitement of everything that comes along with it starts to creep up. Since 2008 we’ve only had the pleasure of two releases (the upcoming being the third). This will be our first full length album since If You Know What I Mean in 2008. The most rewarding part is getting to share everything we’ve worked on with everyone who has supported and motivated us since that release. We’re grateful to have been given a chance to grow and get better as songwriters and musicians, and it wouldn’t mean anything unless we were able to experience it with people who love music as much as we do. We hope everyone will be as excited about the new songs as we are, and that the album will be something you can enjoy from start to finish. We’re going to do everything we can this year to make everyone a part of this weird journey with us, and give you all a chance to hang out with us on the road. That is the best part of releasing a new record. Brendan and Ben will be back in the studio this week wrapping up lead guitars and vocals, so it shouldn’t be too long before the album comes to life. We will have a lot of announcements soon regarding the album title, artwork, and the track listing.

We’re very excited about this: We will be playing all of the new songs for the first time at Pearl Street Clubroom in Northapmton, MA on December 22. It’s been about a year since we’ve played in our home state, which isn’t cool at all. We have been working hard on this record since then, and couldn’t be more pumped about jamming out with our family, best friends, and all of the good people from Massachusetts and New England. Please join the FACEBOOK EVENT [link] and maybe even share it so we can pack that place out and make it a nice pre-Christmas party.

Well, that should be enough for now. Enjoy this video of us moving into our new practice space. Nothing crazy, but we’ll have more studio updates soon! Hope you’re all doing well. We’ll be in touch.


Ryan, Brendan, Dave, and Ben